This is another poem from the past.  I would say it is about 5 years old since it is from the pre-fiance era.  I wrote it after mutually ending things with someone who didn’t want the same things out of the relationship we had that I did.  It was hard but there are some things that are deal breakers… the things that were different in what we wanted were a few of those deal breakers.  111096674



Light in the Woods

Now is the time to let these dark woods spread
And show the light – marauders: trees advance.
For forests are prevailing, as the larch,
The ash, the virile oak grow slow. This chance
Has twisted lichens usher in the Spring,
Which they’ve been waiting for, while roots were bared
To winter’s worst. Now is the time! And let it bring
New strength that will ensure the heart has dared
To lift ideas to permeate the mind,
Pruning wild thought: let past thoughts disperse.
Dawn wakes us early. Sunshine is inclined
To catch our eyes and hold it; there is worse
Than the light in these woods, for as defined:
Now is the time.

Can You Hear the Rain?

Can you hear the rain?
The sound it makes as it hits the roof
It’s like the lovers kiss
After passion is spent
And they lay in each other’s arms
Do you hear the soft wind?
Like the gentle sighs
Of their contentment
The rise and fall
Of their breath as they make love
The impassioned cries
Now distant thunder
Echoes in their pounding hearts
Two hearts beating as one
Can you hear the rain?