Handle with Care


She wears a fragile sticker
Where others cannot see
Her heart seems to shatter
Her soul weeps bitterly
The contents of her inner self
Need gentle love and care
And every part needs comforting
Of this please be aware
Hold her close remembering
A feather-touch is best
Careful not to hold too tight
Is all that she requests…

Container Garden!

I thought I would share some pictures from my container garden that I started last week.  I planted several of my seedlings and have more that I started that are just starting to sprout.  I wish I had more space for a bigger garden with a ton more plants.


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Here is another picture from my vacation in Canada at the beginning of the year.  I am sorry for not posting this weekend but I had a huge paper due for school and had to spend my time focusing on it.  I didn’t even get laundry done I was so busy working on my paper.

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This is a photograph I took while in Canada for the new year.  While I was there, I met my fiance’s family and he took me to see some of his favorite places.  This was a trail area called Jack Pine Trail that was amazing and beautiful.  I loved my time there and this moment, with the sun setting was so serene and peaceful.  (And cold!)

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