Handle with Care


She wears a fragile sticker
Where others cannot see
Her heart seems to shatter
Her soul weeps bitterly
The contents of her inner self
Need gentle love and care
And every part needs comforting
Of this please be aware
Hold her close remembering
A feather-touch is best
Careful not to hold too tight
Is all that she requests…


Comfort_by_shazzackeleeI haven’t posted in a couple of days so I figured I’d post something I wrote a while ago instead when I was getting out of an abusive marriage.  It came from a deep place within and I hope that someone out there can get something from it.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Her guardian spirit weeps, for all they can do is stay near.

Tonight he is vile; her guardian is shedding the tears she can’t.  No longer does she have the will to fight: letting him shame her into submission.

Her guardian looks up at the gods and says “How much more of this?”

Silently the guardian folds their arms around the abused, singing sweet songs to soothe her battered soul.  The guardian looks in to the eyes and sees the emptiness there.

At one time this was a happy vibrant one, who laughed at the stars.  Once she had the laugh that embraced life’s song and she danced with the breeze — but now that is gone.

Her guardian keeps their watch but her pleas fall short.

But at night, when her tears fall and her sobs can be heard, she is wrapped in the strong loving arms and comforted and is never truly alone.