How do you know which way to go
When you reach the fork in the road
Carrying all your worries and fears
Struggling with such a heavy load

Your brain says it knows what’s right
To chose the safest way
Your heart says that it knows the best
Choose the route that’s full of play

You stand there wondering what to do
Feeling so lost and confused
What if you make the wrong decision
And you end up being used

Then you think of just giving up
And you start to dig a hole
But you begin to feel an ache inside
Deep down in your soul

You know there’s someone out there
Who loves you with all his heart
But when you turn to go with him
You’ll be tearing someone else’s heart apart

No matter what you decide
There’s no real way to win
‘Cause someone you care about very much
Will be hurting in the end.

Let me know what you think!

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