Drifting through the breeze
of memories
swaying from side to side.
A sigh.
A breath.
The emptiness swallows the heart
as it struggles for

Torn and
falling to the ground.
Listening as
spoken are the lies
that have broken it before.

The blood drips
from the body,
crimson streaks of
heartache and pain.
They give away what
was trying to hide behind a
false smile.

Two faces.
One presented to the world.
One kept hidden.
One happy.
The other sad.
A frown, a tear.
Worry and fear
written across it.

Others only see
what is allowed to be shown.
A fraction of what is felt,
a fraction of what there is.
A small amount of the pain,
less than half the tears cried.

As with the pain,
happiness is hidden
behind the wall
of an unexpressing face.
Protecting it from pain
that is inflicted by others,
avoiding betrayal
avoiding disappointment.

Let me know what you think!

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