Standing between the past and present, she creates a balance of harmony with rhythms in her body never before seen.

She preforms an electric dance of angry smears across the blank canvas of her life as the pain slowly creeps into her body and mind.

Standing, he appears as a silhouette against the same blank canvas, but rather his picture is one full of colors, passion and love painting themselves across the stark white in a rainbow of colors.

The woman stands,  remembering what it was like when every honest bone in her body laughed with her sister at funny things that would surprise them.

Friends torn apart by life, growing apart.
The man watches her get swallowed by her pain, as they drift further apart.
Warm no longer, she stands alone, arms wrapped around her thin shivering frame.
The hard set of her shoulders warning him back from the edge.
Tars flow down her cheeks as pain fills her eyes, her body shaking as the surreal pieces of their lives as children fill her mind.
He watches, waits and loves.
She cries, dreams and remembers.

Let me know what you think!

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