Behold the twilight by which the leaves have
written a sonnet singing of laughter.
Times when saying goodnight meant
seeing you another day,
times when my life didn’t feel battered by the staring eyes of
those who know nothing of the story.

Behold the moonlight that shines down,
engulfing me in a pale milky brightness
that has yet to spread to my soul.
Instead, I am forced to stand here,
believing that there was a reason for all of it.

behold the darkness that seems to
slowly inch its way across my soul
like a village of pain has moved itself in cottages
among all the happy memories,
singing macabre songs of death and ruin

behold the delight as suddenly,
someone sheds some sunlight on it all.
a simple kiss brings on light so radiant,
so bright that its as if my soul is singing
verse after verse of simple happiness.

behold the touch you have had on my life.
it is as if the fear and loathing in my soul has faded,
died if you will.
no longer am I staring ahead,
wondering what it feels like to not experience pain.


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